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  1. Reinhard, I saw your post on the Yarra Yarra Lakes. Very interesting. I live near there in Geraldton but have never visited the lakes and no one here seems to know anything about them. Which part of the lakes did you visit? Which rosd did you use? What was the surface at the edge of the lake like? Hard? Soft? Quicksand? How close to the water were you able to get and not risk sinking into the mud? I would be interested in any advice you have for visiting the lakes! Many thanks!

    1. Hi Rob,
      thanks for looking and thanks for taking the efford to ask.
      If you look at our Australia map, west of Carmanah there is a relatively large lake marked as ‚Yarra Yarra Lake Conservation Park‘. When you drag the map scale to high detail you should be able to see the road we took. Well, we were there in Australian spring of 2010, so it may look different meanwhile. I am quite shure that the last few hundred meters of the road was a dirt or gravel road but good to travel. As far as we were able to see there was no water but only salt. The surface was a bit soft but hard enough to walk on it for several meters. We did not go far inside.
      We hope this helps to locate the spot.
      Best regards from our present Canada trip from Parry Sound, Ontario (Georgian Bay of Lake Huron)
      Krim and Reinhard

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